Join forces with U.S. Bank and Visa to reimagine how small businesses operate.

Small business owners today must have the proper tools on hand in order 

to serve their customers…or risk losing precious sales!

Whether running a restaurant, retail shop or construction company – how might 

U.S. Bank reimagine the day-to-day workings of small businesses?

Consider the following:

Staffing & Suppliers

Inventory Management


Cost of Goods

Using U.S. Bank, Elavon and Visa APIs, along with other third party APIs, build an innovative solution to help small business owners better manage their inventory procurement and management process– staying on top of quantity, cost and any incentives that may benefit their business. Use your creativity, but remember, “simplicity is king” to a time-crunched small business owner. 

Bring your brain and your laptop, we'll take care of everything else!


1st Prize

2nd Prize

3rd Prize




Best Use of Visa API





Account Balance and Transaction History APIs: APIs that provide data on transaction history & current balance for products like checking accounts, retail loans, debit/credit cards, line of credit accounts 

Rates API: An API that provides access to rate data for any U.S. Bank product/service (e.g. CD rates, Saving Account rates; Mortgage Rates, Auto Loan rates, etc.)

Money Transfer API: An API that allows you to transfer funds from any U.S. Bank account to another (e.g. transfer funds from your DDA account to pay your monthly mortgage bill)

Locations API: An API that provides location details on all U.S. Bank branches and ATMs

Elavon Converge API: An API that supports transaction processing (authorization & settlement) for businesses across a variety of payment types and interfaces (e.g. credit, debit, gift cards, Apple Pay/Google Wallet) for in-store, on-line and mobile environments

Access the U.S. Bank Dev portal here:

Build with Visa

Get a head start and test Visa APIs:   

Some APIs to consider while you build Small Business Solution:

               B2B Virtual Account Payment Method

               Visa Business Data Solutions

               Visa Supplier Matching Service

               Visa Queue Insights

               Merchant Measurement

               Merchant Search

Download sample code for our payment APIs:

Connect with the Visa Developer Community:


Prepare for the hackathon with US Bank and Visa API experts! Connect directly with their teams before the hackathon and get all your questions answered 

November 29th @ 6:30pm EST


Deva Annamalai

Director of Innovation and Client Engagement


Elizabeth Holmes

Sr. VP – IT Strategy and Global Business Services


Craig Hodnett

Sr. VP, RPS Small Business Card Product Team

U.S. Bank

Thomas Phillips

Chief Information Officer


Kaushal Mehta

Sr. Director, Small Business Product & Initiatives





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